Halloween inches closer to normalcy as trick-or-treating resumes


Sanjay Fernando

Trick-or-treating this year is one step closer to normal, enjoy the festivities!

One of many October festivities includes trick-or-treating where people dress up to rush neighborhoods on Halloween. This Sunday will be a closer-to-normal Halloween, and while there are still restrictions still in place, people will be able to enjoy trick or treating for the first time since the pandemic started.

The past 18 months have restricted our interactions with people, limited time outdoors, and affected everyday life. One of the many restrictions was one placed on trick-or-treating because it involved physical contact. Luckily, the new year has granted us a chance to go trick-or-treating once again.

“I’m so excited to go trick-or-treating this year, getting to see the costumes, getting to go to all the neighborhoods to take some candy; I don’t care if I’m 17, I’m going all out on the thirty-first,” senior Fernando Amaya said.

This Halloween has a special feel around it as it would be considered the first Halloween since the pandemic. Being able to see the children, adults, and teens dressing up, laughing, and celebrating this fall festivity, would bring a new breath of fresh air we haven’t had since 2019.

“Initially I wasn’t too thrilled, but now I have a chance to take my sister [trick-or-treating]…..I don’t plan to dress up but you better believe I am going to fill up on candy,” Amaya added.

Seeing everyone showcase their costumes with new pop culture references this year is sure to be fun as well. This year can guarantee at least a few Squid Game costumes, WandaVision/Marvel costumes, and Avatar: The Last Airbender costumes.

“I am happy to see the other kids, but I am most excited to see the houses that get turned into a haunted home during this time of the year,” senior Marvin Rodriguez said.

The spirit of Halloween will most certainly be alive this year, considering the new movie releases and the endless possibilities of costumes. Don’t stay home, gather your friends, and go get some delicious candy!

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