Five things to do on a rainy day


Tasha Kibue

Rainy day bliss in the midst of some much needed R & R

There’s a saying that goes: “April showers bring May flowers.” But instead of May bringing flowers, this year it has brought even more rain.

Cloudy days make you feel sluggish, and trapped. You don’t feel like doing anything, so you stay in the house. If you have a short attention span like I do, you often get bored when it rains. Much to your luck, I have 5 rainy-day activities for you!

SLEEP: Of course this is at the top of the list. Take advantage of the tranquil rain sounds, and the dark clouds. Take a nice long nap. You work hard, you deserve some rest!

CLEAN: After a long week, you might find that your room is messy. Clothes lying around, food wrappers on the floor, maybe even a disorderly desk. That’s understandable. Play some music, and get your room together! Do your laundry, vacuum, take the trash out, etc. You and your room will feel so much better after a nice day of cleaning.

CATCH UP ON SCHOOL WORK: If you’re behind on some assignments, use this rainy day to catch up. Take your time though. Don’t put too much stress on yourself. I recommend starting with the easy assignments, and work your way through the rest. Put on your “study” music, and get those assignments submitted! You’ll feel so accomplished when you’re done.

WATCH A SHOW/MOVIE: It’s great to just sit down and watch a good movie/show when it’s rainy out. Especially on weekends when you don’t have to think about school. If you’ve missed an episode of your favorite show, this is the time for you to catch up! If you like to read, you can do that too.

SLEEP: How could I NOT put this on the list twice? You can never get enough sleep.

PLAN OUT YOUR WEEK: If it’s a cloudy weekend, it’s good to plan out the upcoming week. Jot down some things you’d like to get done. You could also write down some motivating messages that will help you get through the week. Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy, but they actually help.

A rainy day is an opportunity for you to relax. Use it as a self-care day, if you can. I promise you’ll enjoy your day!


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