You don’t need to worry about what’s in the vaccine if you’ve…


Grace Edwards and Bidushi Lakhemaru

If you’ve done any of these horrendous things, you don’t have to worry about the vaccine.

With the vaccine created and approved, it’s begun to be spread to the public, and at this point we all likely know someone who’s gotten the vaccine. Many people are concerned about the vaccine’s contents, but if you’ve done any of these things, you don’t have to! Yay! 

1. Eaten food off of the floor.

You know you were risking eating poo when you did that, so you don’t get to be concerned about what’s in the vaccine.

2. Swam in public pools.

Those are full of not only pee, but also of chemicals which are probably 10x worse for you than those in the vaccine. You get extra bonus points if you’ve ever put the pool water in your mouth, and even more bonus points if you’ve swallowed it.

3. Shared deodorant with someone.


4. Licked your fingers then use the spit to clean something, be it a phone screen or a spot on your shirt.

Extra points if you then lick your finger again if after you wiped off the thing you were trying to clean. You may not think about it, but that is in fact putting spit all over the area, and putting whatever you’re cleaning into your mouth.

5. If you’ve ever eaten raw cookie dough.

You don’t need to worry about messing up your body from the stuff you’re putting in it. I know for a fact you’ve been warned countless times not to eat things with raw egg in them, and you do it anyway.

6. Used the bathroom without washing your hands.

You clearly have no regards for basic sanitation, so why start worrying about your health now?

7. Drove or rode in a car without a seat belt on.

You know this is dangerous, so don’t say you’re too worried about your “safety” to take a vaccine (which keeps you safe from a deadly virus by the way) if you have done this.

8. If you’ve ever entered the school’s locker rooms, you have no need to worry.

You already know why if you’ve been in there.

9. If you’ve ever taken a science class.

If you’ve ever taken a science class, you already shouldn’t be worried about what’s in the vaccine, as you have a basic understanding of human biology. Actually, if you’ve ever done anything, you shouldn’t be worried about what’s in the vaccine, as it’s been studied by medical professionals.