National Honors Society induction ceremony held on Zoom


Estella Manglicmot

The Watkins Mill branch of the National Honor Society held a virtual induction ceremony on Zoom.

On October 27, 2020, the Watkins Mill branch of the National Honors Society inducted 33 new members through a virtual induction ceremony held on zoom. The ceremony was coordinated by the NHS coordinator and the NHS officers. 

“It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate you, [the new members] this afternoon,” Watkins Mill principal Carol Goddard said. “I congratulate you and your parents, you have worked hard and have made sacrifices to accomplish this goal. You are being inducted into the National Honors Society.” The ceremony started off with a word from Goddard and the Pledge of Allegiance.

NHS coordinator and English teacher Anita Rajeev spoke about the history of the NHS. More than one million middle and high school students participate in NHS activities. Not only is it found in America and Canada, it is also found around the world.  The NHS has been around since 1921 when it was founded by Edward Rynearson in Pittsburgh. By the 1930s, it grew to around 1000 chapters quickly. National Junior Honors Society is the middle school version of NHS. Every year, millions of students become members of the NHS and NJHS.

Leadership included President Estella Dominique Manglicmot, Vice President Katelyn Burley, Secretary Elise Danielle Manglicmot and Treasurer Letitia Fianko, who each read the four everyday pillars of the NHS: Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character.

“Who are leaders? The first things that probably come to mind are people in your life such as bosses and teachers. But those people are not necessarily leaders. They can be, but those positions just imply authority, not leadership,” Burley said while discussing leadership. “Using school as an example, the teachers you go to when you need genuine help and guidance, the teachers who influence you, the teachers you follow—those are the leaders.”

“Character is what grounds as a person. No matter what we face, nothing and no one shakes our foundation. If we have good character, we work diligently and conscientiously,” Manglicmot said.

After the officers finished introducing what the NHS is, they led the inductees in the NHS pledge. The ceremony ended with Assistant Principal Jennifer Bado-Aleman congratulating the inductees.

Congratulations to the new members of the National Honors Society!

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