Republican Kevin Caldwell joins the race for Maryland’s Sixth District

Republican and former US Army Sergeant Kevin Caldwell joins the race for Maryland's Sixth Congressional District.

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Republican and former US Army Sergeant Kevin Caldwell joins the race for Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District.

Katelyn Burley and Grace Edwards

Republican and former United States Army Sergeant Kevin Caldwell joined the race for Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District against incumbent David Trone, hoping to bring a voice of the people to the national stage.

Caldwell believes he is a very distinct and different candidate. “I’m the only one who’s a representative of the people that I’m trying to represent. I live in Brunswick, Maryland and every major issue that affects any voter affects my family in the same exact way,” Caldwell said. Caldwell also ran for Congress in the 2018 Congressional election.

“It’s a culmination of life experiences and things I’ve done [that qualify me for office]. I was raised by a single mother. So I come from a broken family. [I] understand how important family is, because [I] grew up without that. And the foundation of America is truly the American family. [But] that doesn’t sanctify us or make us special,” Caldwell said. “What it does, I hope, is transmit to the voters [that] we understand what it is [like] to overcome obstacles. We weren’t born with all the privilege in the world… I’ve walked in the shoes of people in the district.”

“The main part of our platform is actually upholding the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, and not just parts of the Constitution or the rights that one likes or agrees with, but all of the Constitution,” Caldwell added. “It is not a buffet for our elected officials just to pick what they like or don’t like. It’s the law of the land.”

“We need to enforce and secure the border to deal with the immigration problem that we have here in the United States. We have to stop the inflow… so we can deal with the folks that are here. [However], I am not a supporter of ‘rounding’ all those folks up, and sending them away. I don’t think most people are [a supporter of that] either,” Caldwell said.

“I am fighting for sanctuary cities. I’m for public safety and national security, for not allowing violent criminals, whether they be legal or illegal… to stay in our country,” Caldwell added. He is currently working on the 287(g) Program in Frederick, Maryland.

As a veteran himself, Caldwell plans to address issues veterans face, as well as the opioid crisis. “Veterans have problems later on transitioning back into society, also once you’re [back] all the healthcare problems,” Caldwell said. “Another major [issue on my platform is] the opioid crisis. We want to bring meaningful solutions to the opioid crisis, as well. [It] encompasses lots of things, and it strikes the sixth congressional very much.”

Caldwell believes that the best approach to fixing the economy is cutting government spending. “[It is] one of the best things we can do for this economy. Anytime you cut government spending, it always improves the economy and the lives of the citizens,” Caldwell said.

According to Caldwell, the government needs to address the problem of securing schools, and then the mental health issues that are causing school shootings. “If our leaders wanted to secure schools, they would have already done so. It’s not that hard. [America] knows how to secure things,” Caldwell said. “They left [students] in that position and it’s really rather disgusting. No one can tell me that there are political leaders that have all these degrees and they can’t figure out how to secure a school. We have the resources; just apply the resources.”

“[Students who are 18] should vote for me for the same reason that I am running in this election. I’m running to serve my country as a soldier for America at a time when I feel that America needs a soldier, not another politician in Congress to stand up and fight to make America great for all of us,” Caldwell said.

“The things that are wrong with the country now didn’t happen … in the last 10 or 20 years, so it’s really the younger generations that will benefit the most [and will start] to fix these problems now. I reach out to all voters. I don’t care Democrat, Republican, old, young. If you live in the Sixth Congressional District, then you deserve representation,” Caldwell added.

“[We should] bring an actual representative of the people to Congress: an average citizen. My biggest goal is to lead by example. Elected officials should be held by a higher standard of service. And we’re trying to go to Congress to set a new standard,” Caldwell said. “ Just like a service member does in the military, I would like to bring that service, that commitment, to the people of America [and] Congress.”

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