Senior offers perfect clapbacks for awkward Thanksgiving questions

No one claps back better than Nancy Pelosi — except senior Amelia Burton

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No one claps back better than Nancy Pelosi — except senior Amelia Burton

Amelia Burton, Associate Editor

It’s that time of the year again where the entire family gets together, and if you have a crazy family like I do, sometimes Thanksgiving can be a drag.

Whether it’s your crazy aunt who argues with everyone or the drunk uncle who can’t hold his own, if your family is anything like mine, you have probably mastered clapbacks. And if you haven’t, here are some quick and relatively respectful clapbacks for Thanksgiving dinner. 

My family loves asking invasive questions like, “Are you eating? You’re too skinny!” Or “Isn’t that a little too much food for someone like you to eat?” These questions are the worst and because they’re my family I’m supposed to just turn the other cheek, but this year I’m ready for everything they hand me. 

Next time someone asks something like that, just say to them (in the most innocent voice ever of course), “I could ask you the same question, but it looks like I already have my answer.” Then walk away with a huge smile on your face. People hate to see how unbothered you are when they try to test you, so walk away and let them sit there and think about it. 

This is my senior year, and if you’re a senior as well, you know the whole family is just itching to ask you what school you’ve gotten accepted into or want to attend. Now, as much as I am thrilled to go to college, the last thing I need is 30 people asking me what school I’m attending. But my family can never ask a question without making it somewhat condescending. It could be a simple question like, “Are you looking forward to college?” and instead of asking that they’ll ask, “Are you even getting any acceptances,” or “You are going to college, right?” 

Thankfully my cousins have prepared me for all of this, and this year I’m ready! The best way to shut down these questions is with sarcasm. If they ask, “Are you even getting any acceptances?” say “I don’t know, with being on the honor roll every year and having above a 3.0 GPA, will I go to college? 

Thanksgiving clapbacks are always fun, but try not to spark a fight. Leave that to the crazy aunts and uncles and enjoy all the food and remember to pack leftovers early. Otherwise, enjoy the company of family and friends and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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