Wolverines work hard in school, after school at jobs


Yesenia Pineda

Sophomore Nicolas Simmons prepares a sub for a customer order at work.

Yesenia Pineda and Shaneka Francis

Managing time properly with schoolwork can be difficult, but adding a job into the mix can make it even more challenging.

From homework to classwork, students aren’t just learning simple geometric patterns or how to annotate poems. Students have to learn how to balance classwork and a job. “I’d say it’s a good experience to have,” senior Charity James said.

Loads of classwork and assessments can drive students crazy, but also teach them valuable life lessons on how to manage time and balance a social life. For many balancing these can be tough, especially with a full schedule.”Counselors are there to listen to them and to talk them through their struggles,” guidance counselor Paul Young said. 

By managing school and work, students get the chance to see just what the real world can be like for adults. It gives students the opportunity to learn how to be mindful and learn how a fast-paced environment works. “It’s stressful because I have to catch up with all my work,” senior Citaly Diaz said.

“I don’t have time to do my homework like I used too,” junior Ashley Neyra said.

Half-day schedules or abbreviated schedules can be created for students who have a job, internship or other matters that affect them outside of school. For many having a job while in high school is an opportunity to advance in social growth as well as preparation for the real world.  “I actually enjoy it, I get to do stuff when I typically don’t have homework,” senior Zenani Munthali said.

While some students have the chance to have an abbreviated schedule to manage, many don’t have the chance to have one. Many people already have to juggle the stress that school brings every day. Now add on having to work and possibly a sport as well.

“I didn’t think I do this while playing sports, but I still tried … so if you think you could do it, just do it,” James added. 


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