Volleyball ‘digs pink’ to honor Wilkinson’s breast cancer remission


Kayla Holt

Volleyball’s annual Dig Pink game will be dedicated to science teacher Lauren Wilkinson this year, who is currently in remission from breast cancer.

Kayla Holt , Features Editor

Girls volleyball will host their annual Dig Pink game on October 16 to raise breast cancer awareness. This year, the games are in honor of science teacher Lauren Wilkinson, who is currently in remission from breast cancer.

Volleyball coach Kauri Martin believes that many lives can be saved by using the Dig Pink game to make more people aware about the dangers of breast cancer. Wilkinson will be speaking about her experience with breast cancer between the junior varsity and varsity games.

“If [the Dig Pink game] can save at least one life, we’ve done a good job,” Martin said. Many people are excited to celebrate and support the message behind the game, but Wilkinson is beyond happy and excited to have an event dedicated to survivors.

“When Coach Martin came and talked to me about breast cancer and my story and then told me [that they wanted to dedicate the game to me] I was so honored because I just felt like it was something positive coming out of a very difficult time for me,” Wilkinson added.

She hopes that people come out to the event to understand how serious and common breast cancer can be. She wants to make sure that women and men are aware of their bodies in order to know when something goes wrong.

“I feel that it’s very empowering as she’s going through her cancer journey she’s still coming to work everyday and makes an effort to make an impact in the students’ lives,” junior volleyball player Nyah Dames said. Along with Dig Pink being held in Wilkinson’s honor, various departments donated goods for baskets that will be raffled off with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.

“It’s very emotional,” Martin said, “I’ve known people who are survivors…and just having a tie with Mrs. Wilkinson and the school makes it such a big deal.”

This event doesn’t just mean something to the adults but also to the players, who feel like they are playing for Wilkinson, survivors, those affected, and breast cancer awareness. While some don’t know Wilkinson personally, they feel for her and are happy to be playing such an important game. Additionally, multiple members of the team have had someone in their lives personally affected by breast cancer.

“My grandma is actually a double breast cancer survivor so this event hits close to home for me,” senior volleyball player Jennifer Santos added.

Dig Pink is tomorrow, October 16 with the junior varsity game at 5:30pm and varsity at 6:30pm with varsity’s senior night and a speech from Wilkinson in between the two games.

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