Sports Wrap-Up: September 13, 2019


Jade Pinkowitz

Field Hockey got their first win of the season over Gaithersburg High School on Thursday, September 12.

Kayla Holt and Amelia Burton

Field Hockey

It was a better game for the girls field hockey team at their game against the Gaithersburg Trojans this past Thursday. Varsity came back with their first win of the season with a score of 2-1. Varsity was determined to come back and take on Gaithersburg as a united front.

“We wanted to improve our communication skills,” senior varsity captain Britney Isaacoff  said. The girls believed they played better this game and were excited to redeem themselves.

“It was amazing to win,” Issacoff said.

Junior varsity came back strong with their first goal of the season despite the fact that they lost 2-1. They as a collective believed they have improved their technique but still need to work on communication skills.

“We are a team as a whole right now,” sophomore Bidushi Lakhemaru said. She hopes as the season continues their bond will grow. Their next game is home Monday, September 16 JV at 3:45 with varsity at 5:15.


Girls Volleyball

Girls varsity volleyball team lost their first home game against Einstein High School on Wednesday. The girls played a good game, but ultimately fell shy of winning, with a score of 3-2 losing by only three points in the last set. 

“It went really well, we were really close to winning, I’m kind of sad we did end up losing, but I think we put in a lot of effort to actually try and beat them,” senior Jennifer Santos said. 

The girls next game will be away against Winston Churchill High School. 


Girls Soccer

The girls varsity soccer team lost their first home game to Northwood High School with a final score of  10-1.  Even though the girls lost, freshman Esther Kouad was able to score putting up the first point for the Wolverines.

“Being the first freshman to score, it makes me feel good, I want to keep on scoring, hopefully we get a win this season,” Kuado said.

“It was really good, I think it showed us that we had a lot to improve on, but it also showed us what we were capable of,” senior captain Nadia Makmak said.

The girls also had a game Wednesday against Springbrook High School.  There the girls played hard, but the game ended shortly due to weather emergency. The game is supposed to be rescheduled and will be announced shortly.

The girls next game will be an away game, Tuesday September 17 at Richard Montgomery High School.