Game of Thrones Episode 2 & 3 Recap {SPOILER ALERT}


Jamie Carmichael

Game of Thrones has really done it this season. Between the army of the dead and Cersei’s reckless ambition’s, this season will definitely be the best one yet.

The second episode of the season was very interesting. Throughout the entire episode, everyone in Winterfell was preparing for The Great War. On the other hand, Jamie Lannister returned to Winterfell and was well, not popularly accepted. Jamie was only accepted after Lady Brienne vouched for him, which was a very beautiful thing.

Later in the episode, Daenerys confronted Sansa about being so cold to her; they both bonded. However, the bonding stopped when Sansa mentioned that the north would never again bow down to a ruler. Daenerys acted coldly because sis is NOT at all willing to give up her throne.

To quicken this up and get to the juicy part, Lady Brienne is no longer Lady Brienne thanks to Jamie. She is now SIR Brienne due to Jamie knighting her. She teared up, it was a very emotional scene for us all. A few moments later, Jon finally confronted Daenerys of his true identity, and of course, she took it as a joke because like I said before, that girl is NOT willing to give up her throne.

The last part of the episode, Arya surprised us all. She finally… wait for it… wait for it… SLEPT WITH GENDRY. WHEWWWWW she really surprised me with that one, I would’ve never expected her to do such a thing. It was a good closing to the episode.

Now, episode 3, AKA the Battle of Winterfell.

What a suspenseful episode. My heart was pounding the whole time. In the beginning, when all of the soldiers were posted out in front of Winterfell and the Dothraki all DIED, I knew it was going to be an intense episode.

Once the army of the dead got past the Dothraki, the regular soldiers started fighting them. It got so bad they retreated past the trench into Winterfell, along with the Unsullied. In a pinch, Melisandre then lit the trench to fend off the army of the dead. It only lasted for a few moments until they busted through the trench.

A giant then broke through the gate, unleashing a load of mayhem, but thanks to Lyanna Mormont, that giant didn’t last long. Though she was tiny, she died as a warrior, proving more of a giantsbane than Tormund. she died killing the giant, like many others. On the other hand, Lyanna wasn’t the only one that died. Beric Dondarrion died protecting Arya, Jorah died protecting Daenerys, and Theon, poor Theon, died protecting Bran. My heart literally BROKE during every death. It was tragic.

However, the thing that got to me most was when the Night King reanimated everyone who died. I no doubt thought they were going to die. But then the most unexpected thing happened in one of the last scenes… As the Night King reached for his sword to kill Bran, Arya came out of nowhere and killed him (and inevitably all of his spawns as well) with her dragonglass dagger. It was ICONIC because that wasn’t the first time in the episode that Arya had proven herself to be amazing.

In the very last scene, Melisandre took off her enchanted necklace and died. It was beautiful and makes me ridiculously eager for the next episode. However, looking back on Arya’s character development is giving me a hunch that Arya is going to be the one to kill Cersei, but of course, it’s just a thought.

Oh, and most importantly, both dragons and Ghost are alive if you watched the trailer for episode four! YES! My babies are alive!

Well, fellow readers, I will catch you guys next week for another recap. Farewell sissies!

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