Sports Wrap-Up: April 8, 2019

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Boys Volleyball

The boys volleyball team took their first loss versus the Clarksburg Coyotes on Friday, April 5. The boys lost 3-2 after a very hard-fought game.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t pull out a win, next time I’ll do better,” senior Neba Ndonwi said.

Join the boys today against Quince Orchard High School at home at 5pm.

Boys Lacrosse

Boys varsity lacrosse lost a hard-fought battle to Northwestern High School Wildcats on Thursday, April 4 at Northwestern High School.

Sophomore Chris Crews scored two goals and sophomore Jonas Clark scored one goal and one assist.

“We will continue to work hard and try our best to reach our full potential,” junior Justin Benitez said.

Come see the ‘Rines play Colonel Zadok Magruder High School Colonels on Thursday, April 11 at Watkins Mill High School.

Girls Softball

After their first win, girls varsity softball fell short against the Seneca Valley Screamin’ Eagles with a score of 14-4 in a upsetting loss. Their next game is against Northwood High School at 3:45pm at home.

“As a team I think we should improve on basically fully understanding the game,” senior Adriana Villars said. “It’s a new team, so not all the girls know what they’re doing but [they have] the effort and the determination to finish and pull through.”

Girls Lacrosse

Girls lacrosse traveled to Blake this Saturday to play the James Blake Hubert High School Bengals. The girls came up short unfortunately with a loss and a final score of 15-3.

“We stayed positive throughout but we need to communicate more on offense,” sophomore Jaden Gaboton said. The girls’ next game is today against Damascus at 7pm.

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