Sports Wrap-Up: April 5, 2019

Girls Lacrosse

Girls lacrosse took on Prince George county opponent Northwestern High School yesterday. The girls played competitively and took the game to overtime. The girls were able to finish with a win and a final score of 5-4.

“Everyone brought their own bit of magic to the game and all together we were able to bring the game back and end up on top,” junior Nadia Makmak said. The girls look to come with the heat next game and pick up another dub at Blake High School tomorrow.


Boys varsity lacrosse lost a hard fought battle to the Northwestern High School Wildcats on Thursday, April 4 at Northwestern High School.

Sophomore Chris Crews scored two goals and Sophomore Jonas Clark scored one goal and one assist.

“We will continue to work hard and try our best to reach our full potential,” junior Justin Benitez said.

Come see the ‘Rines play Colonel Zadok Magruder High School Colonels on Thursday, April 11 at Watkins Mill High School.


On April 3, the varsity baseball team took on the Rockville Rams. They fought a good game but lost with a score of 16-0.

“Our last game wasn’t our best game but we are getting better overall,” senior Zachary Pepperl said. “We need to lessen our mental mistakes.”


Watkins Mill’s tennis team fell to the Northwood Gladiators by 5-2 on April 4. Freshman Conrad Uyakonwu said “having more practice time” would be beneficial while preparing for their next match away at Kennedy High School on April 8.  Uyakonwu is proud to say two people won their matches.



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