Winter causes grief cycle, use of Adele lyrics in prayer

MK Kamara

This goes out to all my (imaginary ) friends…

The thought of winter time wasn’t exactly my favorite. I mean when people say “winter” I think of preppy people obsessing over $5.68 worth of Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte, then when the snowmen and snowflakes are taken off their cups, and are left red, they complain *insert eye roll emoji.* Or when the radio decides to only play Christmas songs in November.  

All I ever wanted to think about was summer – when the pool was my second home, and where lemonade and shorts were all you needed for survival *crying emoji.* Waking up as late as noon, and staying up way past midnight.  That’s the life.

So when I realized winter was here again I had to go through some of the grief stages;

  1. I DENIED that winter was here again. I mean wasn’t it like just here about a year ago? No, it can’t be. It must just be a storm. It’ll pass.
  2. After that, I got ANGRY. I mean gone. Seriously? Already?!?!? Like it’s sunny one day then  freezing the next. You know what they say about how when it rains, it freaking pours (literally)?
  3. When I calmed down, I said a little BARGAINING prayer to God. Something like, “Hello. It’s me. I’m in California dreaming about what summer means to me. Well, I just wanted to say that if you bring summer back, I’ll stop acting sick every Sunday and go to church.”
  4. Once I realized what I had done and how God obviously hadn’t heard of Adele, I went into a deep DEPRESSION. I shut down. It was a very low time in my life. I mean, it took a huge toll on me… I didn’t watch Netflix for a whole week.
  5. But then I remembered that along with winter comes Christmas, and with Christmas comes free gifts, random presents, and a lot of food. That’s when I hit my final stage of ACCEPTANCE. The more I thought about the food, the more I became okay with the idea that the summer is gone.

I mean, you don’t get snow days in summer.  That’s something to remember.

So I said “hasta lugeo”  to summer and “hola!” Or “Hello” to winter. I’m leaving the warmth of California to go back to that “own where nothing ever happens,” but at least we get out of school when it snows, sleets or freezing rains.image

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