Winter is finally over, bringing so much to look forward to


Taylor Dawson

With the change in season, it’s the perfect weather to go to the beach.

Taylor Dawson

Winter is coming to an end and spring is upon us. The time we’ve all been waiting for…

I know I’m not the only one who feels like winter is really draining–mentally, physically, and emotionally. There’s just something about the sun being out that radiates good vibes. Every winter, I’m always down. Luckily the seasonal depression didn’t hit too bad this year, but that doesn’t mean I had a good winter.

On top of being halfway done with school (even though feels like there’s an eternity left), being pale is the epitome of my hatred towards winter. It leaves me feeling extra bad about myself. It’s a fact: not enough sun can lead to clinical depression. Been there, done that.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, the sun is coming out and flowers are blossoming I can finally feel confident, pretty, and comfortable. And I know there are other ladies who are feeling the same way! It’s time for golden hour pictures and cute outfits as we actually start to leave the house for moves.

Spring is the perfect season because it’s not too hot and not too cold, so being outside is actually enjoyable. It’s the time of year where friends start planning their end of the school year and the beginning of summer plans, which leaves people excited but impatient because we still have to push through school…

Now, I’m almost positive this summer will be one for the books because 2019 is basically 2016 just with the nine flipped… We ALL know that summer 2016 was the best summer ever. If you think otherwise, there’s something wrong with you, but we can talk about that later. And if you haven’t heard, Lil Uzi is making another album, which will automatically make this summer a repeat of ‘16.

I’m telling, not asking, for everyone to make this summer a bangin’ summer. Stay on moves, stay glowing, be in your bag, handle your business, just do your thing and live it up. But whatever you do, don’t say I didn’t tell you that this summer will be for the books. *inserts peace sign emoji*

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