Olas serve up hot salsa moves in winning performance

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Olas serve up hot salsa moves in winning performance

Lirim Krasniqi and Tyler Lewis

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Olas, Watkins Mill’s Latin American dance group, competed against seven other schools on November 23 and placed in all of their categories in the sixteenth annual Latin American dance competition.

The ‘Rines performed many different Latin American dances such as the bachata, salsa, merengue, and cha-cha, as well as participating in the alumni competition. They placed in every category, taking first place in both the Parent-Teen and the Jack & Jill performances. The students believed they won through good communication and teamwork. “We want it; so if we put our [minds to] it, I think we’ll do [well],” senior Barbara Sandoval said.

A highlight of the night, was the Jack & Jill dance competition. In this dance, four Olas dancers were left on the stage. This was a quick competition in which Olas members mixed and matched with different dancers from different schools. The Olas dancers out-performed all of the other pairs of students.

In the last song, the challenge was between Sandoval and a student from Einstein High School, and senior Henderson Menjivar with a female dancer from Einstein. In the end, Menjivar took the first place trophy for the ‘Rines.

“Bonding with the team was the best moment,” junior Marcella Ruano said. This year was very big for Olas because so many members are graduating in June, so the team gave it their all.

For the seniors, this will be the last year they can compete in Olas as students. “I’ve been doing this for four years and tried out in eighth grade,” Sandoval said. For seniors on the team, dancing is their life and participating in Olas has been a highlight of their high school years.  Many of them plan to return to our school competing as alumni or returning graduates.

But each and every student who participated in Olas is looking forward to next year. “I’m looking forward to meeting [new members] next year,” Ruano added. Next year the team will be striving to place first at every competition, and most importantly, have fun!


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