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School is stressful: here are ten ways to unwind

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School is stressful: here are ten ways to unwind

A relaxing yoga pose to do.

A relaxing yoga pose to do.

Courtesy of

A relaxing yoga pose to do.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

A relaxing yoga pose to do.

Gisell Maravi and Natalie Helsel

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Many of us get caught up in work and school and forget to take time for ourselves. But if you don’t take time to relax, it’s going to be harder to get that work done.

Your mental health is just as important as your work. If you take a break, you’re more likely to be ready to put more effort into your work and have more energy to tackle it.  

Here are ten things you can do to have a proper de-stress day:

1. Do some yoga or stretching exercises/breathing techniques

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A relaxing yoga pose to do.

Oftentimes, we are sitting behind a desk which can cause our backs to ache and overall just the feeling of being stiff. Stand up and do some stretches, which really help relieve tension and soreness. Yoga can even help you find balance much like meditation whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.

2. Delete social media off of your phone

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Deleting apps off your phone.

Feeling like you have to constantly check your phone or post what you’re doing is not a good thing. It’s way more satisfying when you can enjoy the moment you’re in, rather than feeling the need to post about it. Deleting social media will encourage you to stop comparing yourself to others.

3. Go out and get an oil diffuser

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A diffuser with different oils.

Oil diffusers are known to help with sleep, relieve stress, anxiety, and so much more. Go out and get one with a couple of scents and get it running. Your room will smell amazing.

4. Sit back and read a book

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Reading a book with a warm beverage.

If you are a bookworm and have no time to catch up on your favorite book, this is the time! Find a comfy and quiet spot and start reading.

5. Pull out your speaker and play some of your favorite happy music or look on Spotify for pre-made playlists that will lift your mood

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Music applications on your phone.

Listening to some feel-good music will help put you in a better mood and motivate you to tackle daily tasks after you’ve relaxed.

6. Leave the phone at home and go out for a walk

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Going on a walk during the day.

We are always glued to our phone waiting for the next notification to pop up. Leaving it at home and going out can make us appreciate the moment.

7. Prepare a schedule in your planner

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A lot of our stress comes from the piles of work we have to do. By setting up a schedule where you can plan your time wisely, you can find a time when you can relax or catch a break.

8. Spend time with your pets

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Cuddling with your furry friend.

Sometimes we are so busy, we do not have room for our pets. Leave some room to take them out for a walk, play a few games, and even to just pet them after a long day.

9. Take a long, relaxing bath

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Bath bombs you can use to make your bath even better.

Throw in some bath bombs, or have a bubble bath and relax the tension in those muscles.

10. Catch up on your sleep

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Taking a nap after a long day.

With a large amount of workload, sometimes we have all-nighters. Take a nap for however long you need to get that energy back.

Remember that your mental health is something you need to take care of along with your school work. So take a day to do all these things and get the energy you need to tackle everything that comes next!

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