Credit recovery class provides in-school time to help students graduate on time


Jade Pinkowitz

The online resource that is used in the credit recovery class

Jade Pinkowitz

Watkins Mill High School is taking a new approach to try and help students graduate on time.

While Watkins Mill has a variety of programs to help students make up credits like summer school and High School Plus, the newest option builds that time into their schedule and uses an online certified program to make up failed credits or state tests.

“This class is like a two-for-one. Kids can use the online program to take the classes they failed out of, but they can also do a bridge project if they failed the PARCC,” principal Carol Goddard said. This is the first year the class will be implemented.

In-school time to make up credits means that students who cannot stay after class for High School Plus or cannot come during the summer are able to get enough credits to graduate. “We figured if we could get [students] in class then they would stay and recover those missing credits,” Goddard added.

Other high schools have similar after-school credit recovery programs, but MCPS may begin to follow the example of Watkins Mill and implement a class during the school day for students. Because the program is online, students can also complete assignments at home.

Goddard said, “We as a school are charged with making sure our graduation rate is high, and this is one of the ways we can help kids ensure the learning [so they can] graduate.”

“[The course is] rigorous and challenging but a new approach to the class,” academic intervention teacher Christine Wilson said. “The course is online and it isn’t through Montgomery County, so kids everywhere are taking it for credit recovery. It’s for anyone, no matter why you need the credit. If you were sick or absent or any reason, you can recover the credit online at your own pace.”

“I’m very appreciative that we have an online course that allows students to make up the class they lost credit for during the day,” staff development teacher Kerrin Torres-Meriwether said.

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