The Haunting of Hill House is a greater nightmare than IB English

The Haunting of Hill House is available to stream on Netflix now, if you dare.

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The Haunting of Hill House is available to stream on Netflix now, if you dare.

Charisse Warfield

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DISCLAIMER: I have yet to finish the series, as it is too frightening and haunts my dreams when I am alone. Although I will say it’s a wonderful watch if you’re with friends. Just do NOT be alone.

I’m not going to add in very explicit spoilers. Just a basic overview of the show and what people may or may not enjoy about it.

As a warning, I will say that THE SHOW IS RATED R FOR A REASON. Not only is there very graphic violence involved, but there is also sexual content. For trigger warnings, there are suicide mentions, drug abuse, and sexual child abuse depicted within the show.

The hype that this show has gotten is definitely not exaggerated. It has so many components that different types of audiences will enjoy. It has the suspense, the obvious horror, the romance, the comedy, and the family relations.

One of the most enjoyable things about this show is how interactive it is with the audience. From episode one, it leaves little puzzle pieces lying around that don’t seem important. However, if the audience pays attention, they will be able to quickly solve it.

Even the background, which is the least focused part of any show, is important. Think you are imagining figures? Think again, because they are there, one hundred percent. It’s a great strategy used to have the audience be overcome with that lingering dread and anxiety of something possibly happening. It definitely keeps you at the edge of your seat.

One issue that I did have was the cut-scenes and flashbacks. It was hard to keep track of what was past and what was present, as the show constantly altered between the two. However, I won’t disregard the possibility that this could have been used intentionally. Perhaps to show the characters real inner turmoil/trauma from past and present?

Overall, the show uses a really unique way of presenting trauma, abuse, and death in a way that isn’t Hollywood. By this I mean, they don’t make using drugs seem cool or like an aesthetic. They show the true turmoil and hardship that comes with it. They tell us the ugly parts instead of making it a joke.

In terms of theme and representation, it’s the same story with the child abuse and sexual abuse. They don’t make it a brushed over or cliche thing. They tell it how it is and deal with it maturely. They don’t show the child sexual abuse, but they do speak about it in a serious tone. And the harassment is dealt with properly, which I respect.

As I have said before, this show is a great watch for different types of people. If you love horror, you will love the abundance of jump scares and the shows nature. If you love drama and family issues, this show has no absence of that either.

I would most definitely give this show a try. You will definitely enjoy it and it will be worth your time. It is also based off of a book by Shirley Jackson, which could take the edge off if you aren’t brave enough to watch the show.

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