I Tried: A very experimental video series

Amelia Burton


Me too

Jade Pinkowitz and Amelia Burton

This is it! The first official publication of “I Tried” is out for your entertainment! If you don’t know the authors, our names are Jade and Amelia, and we’ll be trying things so you don’t have to! This week we tried changing our styles.

Jade: I attempted to dress up, and Amelia attempted to bum it out. Dressing up wasn’t too bad for me. Thanks to the weather, I managed to avoid skirts, but it was a lot different than my usual routine. Most days, I just throw on a t-shirt and some jeans, not to say I look like a slob every day, but I don’t really try to have an outfit of the day kind of style. The most makeup I wear is mascara, and that’s just on days I feel like doing something.

Amelia: The “I Tried” was a fun experience, but I can’t dress down all the time. It’s very hard since I like switching it up based on my mood and the weather. In the beginning, it was fun because the weather was very gloomy and the outfits were perfect for the weather, but when it got warmer, I really wanted to wear something else that wasn’t completely bummy.

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