Freshmen find high school flexible, full of opportunities


Jade Pinkowitz

Freshmen in English teacher Chris Smith's class work on an assignment

Gisell Maravi, News Managing Editor

Starting high school is a pivotal point in one’s teen years. Although the transition from middle school to high school can be overwhelming, it can also be exciting. After all, these next four years are all about changing and adapting to your surroundings. 

High school can be stressful with new responsibilities and commitments to clubs or after-school activities. It is definitely a place where you learn things you never knew about yourself. It all comes with the experience.

“It has been an overwhelming experience, but I think there is a lot of opportunities here that I want to partake in,” freshman Arvind Mani said.

Students are not alone in this transition; teachers are always willing to help. “I think [my teachers] are pretty nice, they offer me guidance that is really helpful for me to grow as a learner,” Mani added.

A lot of freshmen are enjoying the flexibility that high school gives them. In high school “there is more freedom and a lot more clubs and activities,” freshman Sei Kum said.

High school can be a time for growth even for teachers. Having new kids in their classrooms provides them with new experiences they can use in the future. “The class of 2022 has displayed behaviors which would allow me to perceive them as a very intelligent and disciplined group of students,” English teacher Rachel Pope said.

Teachers urge freshmen to stay on top of their work. “[I advise students to] make things [work] quickly when you are absent and to come to class on time,” biology teacher Karen Doerrler said.

Although high school has its fair share of hardships, everyone is in it together. Finding new friends, joining clubs and growing as a person are just a few of the things that will happen in the next four years. So, be sure to do your best and make it a good school year!

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