NBA salaries not always linked to talent, as Cleveland Cavaliers prove

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NBA salaries not always linked to talent, as Cleveland Cavaliers prove

Hezekiah Likekele

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When you see basketball players, you may often think, “Dang, how much money does one guy need?”

Some players are making $22 to come off the bench. Some other 20-year-old is getting paid like $6 million just to be young and hopefully good, while some 36-year-old is getting paid $500,000 just to be old. Then there’s you reading this off your phone or computer, and we both aren’t getting paid enough.

I would say the top 50 NBA players do deserve the money because they’re the best of the best and- -on the lowest of keys–bringing in more money than their contracts entitle them to. But whose net worth is the highest among them? Is it Stephen Curry? The greatest player of all time, LeBron James?

The Beard made some big money himself with his contract extension with the Rockets and his lucrative Adidas shoe contract. Kawhi Leonard might be considered low key, but his money isn’t. PG County’s very own Kevin Durant is also up there, talent wise.

If you’re very curious, the answer can’t be found in plain sight on the first page of Google. It took me 19 years of dedicated research, asking various sources, and a couple bribes here and there to get the inside scoop. The answer will surprise you as it was none of the above-listed athletes. The NBA’s richest man is … José Calderón.

“Who the heck is that?” was probably your first reaction to that statement, as it should be. José Calderón is a six-foot-tall point guard from Spain, who has played for notable clubs such as the Raptors, Mavericks, Hawks, Pistons, Knicks, Lakers, and currently the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“What makes him so good?” you may ask. Nothing. Wait, wait, wait, let me back that up. He is talented enough to play in the NBA and we can’t overlook that. But by NBA standards, he’s nothing amazing. I bet y’all his net worth that I can strap him (but if I lose I have no records of me saying that.)

So what exactly is his net worth? As of right now, he’s getting paid around $7 million from the Cavs, but his TOTAL net worth is … $2 billion.

Yup, that’s billion. With a B. Not just one, but TWO. The NBA’s richest man sees the floor like six minutes a game and gets to chill while LeBron puts the team on his back night after night (somebody get him some help please, he’s very tired.)

Do you know how good that feels? You’re in a free agency and you’re financially unbothered by any salary they throw your way because you were probably going to give it to charity. He has enough money that in 2010, he could have bought the Atlanta Hawks and still had enough money to live lavishly. If he really wanted to, he could brag about it to literally any player and they’d have to go like that.

How did he do it? Well, his father was the co-founder of Coca-Cola or something like that, but that doesn’t matter because I will surpass him in a little while.

Until then, keep balling Jose!

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