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Janice’s tips for improving grades aren’t a scam, they actually work

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Currently scamming

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Ms. Law

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Janice Asabere, Sports Editor

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If you’re reading this, then hopefully it’s not too late for you to succeed. I have had my fair share of bad grades. I’ve seen it all, cried it all so I’m here to guide you.

If you didn’t apply yourself this whole quarter and did bad on every single assignment then don’t bother reading this because you are down bad. Good luck next quarter.

For my smart but sometimes dumb individuals like myself, this applies to you all.

If you don’t have the MyMcps downloaded already then get on that. Attack the lowest grade first. For example if you have a D in math, start there and work your way up until you’re satisfied. Don’t start with your best grade from your favorite class because that’s superfluous.

Try to retake any possible assignment and turn in everything. Every point counts, even the homework grades. If your teacher is mean and won’t allow you to retake anything, don’t go like that. I repeat: do not go like that. Get your mother to call the school. MCPS policy says you have to be able to retake some assignments. If this doesn’t work and they’re still being fake, do way better next quarter, boo.

Getting good grades doesn’t just start with your work ethic. It starts in the classroom. You will need to participate well in everything. By doing so, you will show your teacher that you’re dedicated. By showing that you’re dedicated, they’ll feel bad if they give you a bad grade because they’ll see that you’re actually trying your best.

Also when you’re in the class, stay away from any distractions because you won’t get any work done. If you isolate yourself and sit with the smart people then soon you’ll start to act and think like them. Monkey see monkey do.

Always eat breakfast in the morning. I know this seems off topic, but think about it, If you don’t have energy how will you possibly scam? If you read my previous article on scamming then you’ll know that it’s a lot of work. So if you don’t have the fuel for it then it will not be completed properly and you will feel like a waste.

Most of my scamming articles shouldn’t be taken seriously, but this one should. This is not just a how-to on scamming grades. This is low-key a guideline on how to be successful at school.

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