African Ball delivers food, music, culture in co-hosted event


Bianca Johnson

Guest Fashion show

Bianca Johnson

Watkins Mill High School’s African Student Association co-hosted the second annual African Ball with Clarksburg High School Saturday night. The ball was filled with food, music and lots of entertainment. It also included the first ever Mr. and Mrs. ASA, freshman Baebaa Sayeh and Clarksburg freshman Chinyere Iheme.

Both ASA boards worked very hard to create the best evening possible. To do this, they had to “fundraise, start early and advertise,” Watkins Mill ASA president Megan Dakwa said. “Once you have your money [and] you know where to put it, you just have to put the work into it.”

Communication was the biggest obstacle for the groups. “We’re actually a pretty new group, we started last year,” Clarksburg ASA president Samantha Mensah said. This was Clarksburg’s first African Ball. “We never really had an ASA at Clarksburg,” Mensah added.

Dancing was a big factor of the night. Both dance teams had the opportunity to perform and Dakwa debuted her first choreography. Many contestants for Mr. and Mrs. ASA performed impressive dances as their talents to woo the judges.

Dancing wasn’t the only talent used though, one contestant played the trombone and another did a comedy bit involving the crowd. He asked the question, “What weighs more, a pound of Jalof rice or a pound of goat meat?” 

During the fashion show, many countries were represented and praised for their beautiful and traditional clothing. “Show what African culture’s all about which is helping people [and] being close to your roots,” Mensah said. Throughout the night there were many wardrobe changes and it just kept getting better and better. Even the Watkins Mill ASA board represented with matching blue and orange outfits.

“I don’t see us going anywhere but up,” Mensah said. Clarksburg and Watkins Mill hope to continue doing African Balls in the future. “Hopefully we can have our own battle of the ASA’s like [Prince George’s County] does,” Mensah said.

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Bianca Johnson
Bianca Johnson
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