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Classes clash at winter Mill Madness event tomorrow night

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Classes clash at winter Mill Madness event tomorrow night

Cameron Moore and Bridget Mundy

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Classes will be battling head-to-head for a trophy at the Clash of Classes event tomorrow night, December 6, during the Winter Mill Madness at 6pm in the main gym. Doors open at 5:30pm.

Tickets for Clash of the Classes were sold today and will be sold tomorrow in the mixing bowl at STEP for one dollar. The first 40 students from each class to buy their tickets and who want to participate in the games will be signed up to play. Students are also encouraged to wear their class colors as a way to support their classes.

Orange Nation, Watkins Mill’s student spirit organization, came up with the idea of doing Clash of Classes after asking students for ideas. The majority of feedback from the surveys came back as a field-day styled event and a dance party.

This years event will be hosted by seniors  Tyler Lewis, Sergio Garcia and Muhammad Ba. “I’m most excited for the energy…I hope that I will be able to energize the crowd,” Ba said.

“Clash of Classes is a way to get everybody together, hype everyone up for the winter sports season, celebrate our winter athletes, have some fun, play some games [and] get down on it,” science teacher and Orange Nation sponsor Matt Johnson said. “[The event will be] less pep rally, more competition based, and then dancing.”

Since this event is taking place during Mill Madness, Orange Nation wanted to incorporate winter sports. Indoor track will be having a three-legged obstacle relay, basketball will be having a two-on-two game and dunk contest, swim and dive will host a blindfolded scooter race and wrestling will have a game of tug of war. Hula hoop challenges will able be added as part of the games.

“We wanted to use the games between the classes as a competition to bring out more people and show the sports we appreciate what they do,” senior Orange Nation member Kitty Pedapudi said.

All of the games will be judged by staff members and the winners of each game will get prizes. The overall class that wins the most games will take home the trophy.

After the sports competitions, the night will transition into a dance party hosted by DJ Mike. “I’m looking forward to having fun with my friends,” senior Salekri Sayeh said.  

“I think people should come to the event because it’s a great way for everybody to get involved and they get to cheer on their own class,” senior Orange Nation member Aaron Merlos said. Come out and support your class and school sports in a night of fun.

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