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Live update photo feature: electives fair

Map of the tables for the electives fair on November 22.

Map of the tables for the electives fair on November 22.

Edward Graf

Edward Graf

Map of the tables for the electives fair on November 22.

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Today, November 22 is the electives fair for students to discover new electives that Watkins Mill High School provide. Students share their opinions of the fair and which classes they plan on taking next year.


Junior Sebastian Batanero visited the elective fair this morning during first period.  “It’s a great way to learn what electives you can take for future years,” Batanero said.

Sophomore Kameron Thorpe discovered new electives he could possibly take next years. “The fair was really enjoyable. I learned a lot about the different electives we have at this school,” Thorpe said.

Freshman Tre Moore is interested in journalism “because I heard from my siblings it’s a lot of fun,” Moore said.

Junior Devion Bridges (second to the left) traveled the electives fair with his friends, learning about new electives he could take. Journalism was one of the ones that grabbed his attention, “journalism looks the coolest out of all the other electives in the room,” Bridges said.

Freshman Kevin Houston also found journalism interesting, saying that “journalism looks fun, it’s [definitely a possibility] I might join,” Houston said.

Freshman Josephine Koffiaka (left) said, “journalism is definitely on my list because it seems really fun and educational.”

Sophomore Bentee Williams found that “journalism looks very fun and beneficial.”

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About the Contributors
Jessica Cruz, Editor-in-Chief

Jessica Cruz is a senior at Watkins Mill High school and is one of the Editors in Chief of the Current. Jessica has been playing softball and running track since freshman year. She is also a part of the National Honor Society and Orange Nation. She wants to go to college to become a nurse practitioner or maybe a journalist.

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Taylor Dawson, Features Editor and Social Media Director

Taylor Dawson is a senior at Watkins Mill High School and is one of the two Social Media Directors and a Features Editor For The Current. Taylor loves being is active within Watkins Mill and loves playing on the soccer team. She spends a lot of time working at a local ice cream shop but besides that, you can find her enjoying life somewhere with her friends.

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Mariam Bukhari, News Managing Editor

Mariam Bukhari is a junior at Watkins Mill high school and a News Managing Editor for The Current. She is on the class of 2020 student council and Mariam plans to attend college somewhere sunny to major in either journalism or biological science. She aspires to become an Anchorwoman or Radiologist.

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