Poms is a sport, despite what haters think


A group of students athletes posing for their team photo.

Taylor Dawson

“Poms isn’t a sport.” “I could do poms in my sleep.” “Poms is just a bunch of twerking.” “If poms is a sport, then chess also has to be a sport.”

Those are a few of the things I hear on the daily.

People are ignorant.

Honestly, I’d love to see anyone who says that come on the dance floor and do what we do. Then maybe I will actually care to hear what you have to say. Until then, just save the false facts.

Poms is so underestimated. We work through pulled muscles, sprained ankles, intense bruises and so much more for eight straight months. The end of our summer is spent in the dance studio early in the morning preparing for the upcoming season. Poms has the longest season that any school sport has to offer.

We pommies are at every home football and basketball game, but once it’s competition season, we don’t get the same support in return. I’m so sick of hearing people debate whether poms is a sport or not. Why don’t you go and google the definition of “sport” and let me know how you feel after that.

I’ll save you the time and give you the definition myself. “Sport: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” It doesn’t just say “competition” but it says “physical competition.” We prepare and compete in three separate competitions throughout January and February.

Poms don’t put in any less work than any other sport. Nothing we do is easy at all. Poms requires endless training and body strength from head to toe. When you sign up for poms, we’re not listed under any clubs or activity, but we’re listed under “winter sports.”

Whether you believe poms is a sport or not, we still put the work in to do what we love and it’s annoying hearing insults a million times a day.

Don’t underestimate us, because when we’re on the field and/or dance floor, we’re dancing our hearts out for you.

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