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MyMCPS replaces Edline, Google Classroom as online grading tool

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MyMCPS replaces Edline, Google Classroom as online grading tool

A screenshot of the MyMCPS portal for assignments and grades

A screenshot of the MyMCPS portal for assignments and grades

Je'Nan Hayes

A screenshot of the MyMCPS portal for assignments and grades

Je'Nan Hayes

Je'Nan Hayes

A screenshot of the MyMCPS portal for assignments and grades

Soreya Djemene

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Montgomery County Public Schools removed Edline as a method for looking at grades and replaced it with the new MyMCPS portal, which functions as combination of the old Edline and Google Classroom systems.

Edline is still available for teachers through read-only access to get any prior information they still need. Teachers received a training in June for MyMCPS, but it was not mandatory to attend.

“It was very helpful because sometimes no training is given, so teachers have to find the information on their own,”staff development teacher Kerrin Torres-Meriwether said.

Although the installation of MyMCPS is not the only change, it plays an important factor in this school year. Edline was removed due to issues the county had that related to communication, cost, and having a user-friendly system. On the other hand, MyMCPS does all the things Edline was not efficient at. 

MyMCPS may help teachers and students, but some prefer not use it. “I really miss Google Classroom. It was way more efficient. I really hope we don’t use MyMCPS next year,” sophomore Precious Agykum said.  Many teachers are still using Google Classroom, but then have to manually input grades for them to show up in MyMCPS.

There are a few things that differ between MyMCPS and Edline, including communication. MyMCPS syncs with the grade book through a portal. MyMCPS also has a function called Classroom, which similar to Google Classroom, that enables students to interact with each other. Parents will also now receive a password to see both grades and assignments.

The new feature will allow teachers to send announcements to students, which parents will also receive. “When my son gets homework in all his classes, I get an email that notifies me on what the homework is and links on how to get there,” English teacher Christen Dimmick said.

“We received a Google Slides document that went through all the changes and how to do everything,” health teacher Kristina Smyrk said. 

“Google Classroom is optional, but we are encouraging people to use the new system because the county put a lot of time and effort into this program,” Torres-Meriwether added.

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2 Responses to “MyMCPS replaces Edline, Google Classroom as online grading tool”

  1. Caroline Magdamo on October 11th, 2017 7:06 pm

    MyMCPS is, I kid you not, the absolute worst parts of Google Classroom and Edline fused into one with neither’s redeeming qualities. Not one of the teachers I have who use it actually know how to, it’s overly complex, the grades almost never show up on desktop, and it’s just causing troubles between which teacher is using what- and on neither Google Classroom nor MyMCPS can I see my current grades.

    MyMCPS is essentially a bootleg Google Classroom with all the life sucked out of it and no reasonable purpose remaining.

  2. Brennan Guilds on October 31st, 2017 10:47 am

    who hurt you

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