Grant brings success on football field, basketball court


Yeikela Mendez

Senior Markel Grant

Janice Asabere

What do you get when you add 8 and 23?

A superstar on two teams.

Senior Markel Grant has been playing varsity football and basketball since he started at Watkins Mill High School as a freshman, so he knows a thing or two about succeeding.

“Don’t focus on being the best in the school, focus on being the best in the nation,” Grant said. He has been the quarterback for WMHS since his freshman year. He has proven himself time and time again on the field. His work ethic has been praised by his coaches, teammates and anybody who attends football games.

Family plays a key role in Grant’s life. “One day I want to buy my mom a house,” he said. His mother started him in football when he was in the first grade and Grant keeps her in the back of his mind when he’s playing.

Grant uses this motivation to strive for greatness because he knows he is not just playing for himself. He put up seven points and had passes that contributed to four touchdowns in the game against Magruder High School.

“My favorite thing about [Grant] is the energy that he brings,” senior teammate Michael Smith said. Grant’s energy on the field enhances the entire team’s performance. Grant uses that pressure as motivation to encourage both his teammates and himself.

Not only is Grant known as a force to be reckoned with on the field, but also as an advocate for his friends. “He’s always there for me,” sophomore Demetrius Rush said.

This is Grant’s final year and he is planning to make it his best year. “Every time you have an athlete of that talent, he will be missed,” coach Paul Vance said.

There is definitely more to come from the quarterback in these last months of the season. To see him in action, come out and support the team this Thursday at 6:30.

Catherine Hodge
Senior Markel Grant (#8) with the Watkins Mill High School football team
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