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Colleges come to The Mill, help students save on visit costs

List of upcoming college visits to WMHS

List of upcoming college visits to WMHS

Fiona Franke

Fiona Franke

List of upcoming college visits to WMHS

Fiona Franke, News Managing Editor

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Several college admissions representatives will be visiting Watkins Mill High School to talk to juniors and seniors about the college process.

These visits include the University of Maryland, College Park, Towson University, Salisbury University and Hood College. “We have about 55 or 60 college visits,” college and career center coordinator Kate Heald said.

To access the list of colleges, go to Naviance through Family Connection on the school website and click on the “colleges” tab, which will list the upcoming college visits. Students will also be able to sign up for the visits on this page.

“When you do register [for the visits], you need to print out your registration form,” Heald said. “Use that as your pass to get out of class to come to these because most of these are during class.”

These visits allow students to learn about colleges without having to travel. “It is very expensive to go around and visit all the universities and colleges you are thinking about going to,” Heald added. “If you come here you may decide that the college is not for you. Or that is for you and that you definitely want to visit.”

It brings the college to you instead of going to the college,[/pullquote] senior Selom Kalin said. “I learned [about] college tuition [and] room and board, things you would learn about on a college visit.”

It brings the college to you instead of going to the college.”

— Senior Selom Kalin

Speaking with college admissions representatives gives juniors an opportunity to start on their college research. “[It’s] kind of your first stop in doing your college exploration and figuring out where you want to go to school. Because the rep comes here just to answer your questions,” Heald said.

“It was really helpful for my college search because it was really convenient for them to come to our school and we could easily sign up on Naviance. It was just something so easy to go to,” senior Chase Soghomonian said.

“If you have any questions, come see [me. I am] happy to help,” Heald said. The Career and College Center is located in the counseling office.

“For students going to these visits, my advice is to pay attention and ask all the questions that you have because you might not get the chance to be that up close with someone from the school sometime soon,” Soghomonian added.

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