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Here’s what you should sneak into your parents’ Amazon cart this week

Brandon Rodriguez

Brandon Rodriguez

Brandon Rodriguez

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Welcome to this week’s edition of “Here’s what you should sneak into your parents’ Amazon cart this week!”

No, I don’t mean it, but beg your parents. Pay day is tomorrow, so they may feel generous. You can also use your own money, but that may be too much of a struggle. Yes, I missed last week. I blame the “blizzard”!!!!

1.) This Self-Therapy Notepad that’ll help you decide if you should blame your crappy day on Sampselle. (~$5)

Review: “We use this all the time at work, then pass it around before putting it in the shredder (if they have too many bad words written on them). They’re very therapeutic for everyone.”– Liz


2.) This awesome laptop case has three extra slots for your phone, cards or notebook. You can even fit an apple in there. (~$14)

Review: “After spending quite a while researching to find the perfect case, this one definitely did not disappoint. The price can’t be beat and I love that I can carry my charger along in the pouch as well. Very satisfied.”– Jennifer Daer


3.) This 10 pack peppermint 5 Gum. Trust me when I tell you to chew this gum. It’s the best–and it’s sugar-free. (~$10)

Review: “These small packs are great. Normally I can’t get through a large pack before the last few pieces go stale. These are the perfect size. TIP: Put the whole box in the freezer – then just grab an individual pack when you need one. It lasts longer.”– Glen H


4.) This 13 foot long charger that you can charge your phone with from anywhere in the room or the car. ($20)

Review: “The quality can be felt by the touch right away. I especially appreciate the length: 13 feet!!! I travel a lot and therefore a long cable comes always handy–especially at the airports or conferences which I attend reagularly, where electric outlets cannot be taken for granted. I recommend this cable to anyone who is looking for great quality and hassle free charging no matter where you are–this cable just gives you the extra mile. Literally!”- Ivan Stano


5.) These gummy supplements that help you have a restful zzzleep. (~$14)

Review: “These gummy’s are amazing. I have been taking two every night for about two weeks and my sleep quality is so much better. I start getting drowsy in about 30 minutes while my mind is calming down and wake up in the morning without a “hangover” that most medications give. They taste good, too!”- Shorti98


6.) This 6 pack of bath bombs that come in a variety of colors and aromas. (~$25)

Review: “I bought these for my daughter for a Christmas present and I have to say, the price is awesome. We usually have to go to Lush and we pay like $12.00 for each ONE, so needless to say, paying less than $30.00 for 6 is awesome!!! Not to mention, the smell of each individual one is incredibly aromatic. I will be purchasing all of the future bath bombs through SKY ORGANICS for sure!!!!- Cami


7.) This awesome charger wrap that will make your charger easy to untangle. ($13)

Review: “This little guy fits around my charging block just right. Reading the reviews warned me to wrap the cord loosely to not pinch the tail to the point of uselessness. That accomplished, I tried balancing my iPod classic on it plugged in, and it worked! Great, just what I needed it to do- it keeps my cord neatly wrapped and attached to the proper charger, and doubles as a stand if needed. I love the color, too! It’s adorable, perfect for travel or just in your purse. Be careful to wrap loosely to not bend the tail fins and you should have no problem with this one.”- Alexia


8.) A magnetic modular pen that’s like a transformer. (~$18)

Review: “Bought as a gift for my 13 year old sibling– who loves it! Well made, he uses it daily, and does some awesome things with the magnets. Pen writes smoothly, and the box it comes in is very sleek.”- Jessica S. Carter


9.) This tilting light switch that’ll look cool in your room. (~$18)

Review: “Well made night light. Charging is easy via USB, simply plug it into your computer or a tablet. You can even charge it using a car charger too. Once you tilt it to ON position, it switches on automatically, then simply tilt it to OFF and it shuts off automatically too.”- Fredy


10.) This roller chain fidget toy that will reduce your stress. (~$12)

Review: “I have a child with anxiety and a child with ADHD. Both kids love this fidget. It helps them concentrate in school. It is quiet and unobtrusive. It allows them to fidget without drawing attention to themselves or disrupting class”- Azzna


That’s it for this week guys. Please let me know about any cool things you may see on Amazon in the comments or through email: ([email protected]).

Want to see more? Last week’s edition is available here


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  1. CHARLES on April 3rd, 2017 3:05 am

    very useful that awesome laptop case has three extra slots for phone, cards or notebook.


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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Here’s what you should sneak into your parents’ Amazon cart this week