Wolverines have no CLUE what will happen in killer fall play tonight


Jade Pinkowitz

Seniors Steph Ventura and Kelly Mok, juniors Vivian Ingram, Coley Farragut, and Rhamzy Achmad, sophomore Maggie Burguess Leary, freshman Nathan Campbell, and eighth-grader Sonia Thanicatt all star in the production of CLUE.

Jade Pinkowitz, Editor-in-Chief

“We can let him in if everyone agrees not to kill him,” senior Steph Ventura tells the assembled guests in the fall production. Opening tonight at 7 pm in the auditorium, the O’Shea Players will present CLUE, based on the popular board game.

WARNING: the play is rated PG-13 because it is a murder mystery and includes some racy and mature jokes. Additionally, there are actors portraying murder victims.

The show will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and costs $10 for adults and $5 for students, kids, and seniors. The show is genuinely entertaining with jokes for all ages, audience inclusion, and nostalgia from the board game that the play is based upon. The fourth wall is broken repeatedly, pulling the audience into the action rather than leaving them watching from the outside.

The play takes place in Boddy Manor, where six anonymous people are brought together by one thing: blackmail.

Ventura stars as Wadsworth the butler and is charismatic and funny. He has some of the best lines, which he delivers with maniacal perfection. Senior Zenani Munthali brings her character alive as Mrs. White.  Senior Kelly Mok portrays Mr. Green—a klutzy and timid man with a cat allergy. His execution of the character is incredible.

Junior Bethany Hurt embodies Mrs. Peacock; as the wife of a senator, she is cautious and has a clean reputation. Junior Vivian Ingrum portrays Yvette the maid in a well-executed performance. Her accent is spot on and she is genuinely entertaining to watch. Junior Antonio Johnson stars as Mr. Boddy, and even though he is killed fairly early in the show, his performance is captivating. He embodies the blackmailing mastermind perfectly.

Junior Rhamzy Achmad stars as Colonel Mustard, a military official who is not the brightest. He matches his lines with funny movements and emotions. His character is relatable because we all know someone who is somewhat of an airhead. Sophomore Maggie Burgess Leary takes on the role of Miss Scarlet, portraying the seductive young woman in a captivating way. Freshman Nathan Campbell plays the role of Professor Plum incredibly well. He brings the disgraced professor alive on the stage.

English teacher Scott Tarzwell directed the play and brought the O’Shea players together for yet another great production. The play has a runtime of about two hours, including a 15-minute intermission and the cast does a fantastic job of pulling the audience into the manor. You don’t want to miss this production.

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