April Fools: Watkins Mill to be renamed after ‘most iconic’ teacher


Amelia Burton

Watkins Mill High School is being renamed in a ceremony taking place tonight, April 1

Jubilee Robinson, Associate Editor

After MCPS’s decision to re-evaluate school names, the Board of Education has decided to start renaming at the school where it all began, Watkins Mill High School.

And who better to be named after than the most iconic Watkins Mill teacher of all, David Sampselle? Sampselle has been a teacher at the Mill since its birth in 1862 and was even born and christened on the very soil that Watkins Mill would later be built on. “I only wish I had a Mill of my own,” Sampselle said. “Then it would be perfect.”

Students of David Sampselle High School are seemingly excited about the new name, and expect an even better reputation to follow. “This is exactly what we need right now!” junior Elizabeth Norway said. “We STAN Sampselle!”

“I was surprised [when I found out], to say the least,” substitute teacher James Hopkins said. “I’ve been here just as long as him, I’m not sure what makes him so special, but good for him I guess.”

Besides the obvious excitement of both staff and students about the re-branding of Watkins Mill, the local community is banding together to find more iconic people to name the next school after. “I heard that they are renaming Gaithersburg High to Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (Logic) High School,” freshman Elyse Roberts said. “That’s super dope! Not as dope as Sampselle though.”

Needless to say, the community is very excited for the re-branding of Montgomery County! Congratulations Sampselle!

Due to a county policy, schools can only be named after people who have died, so Sampselle will be executed at 7pm tonight, with the renaming ceremony beginning at 8pm.

“Wait, what?” Sampselle said.

The renaming ceremony is to occur on April 1, 2019, at exactly Itotallygotyourneck o’clock.



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