Tired of running late? Ten tips to get to school on time


Jade Pinkowitz, Opinion Editor and Photography Director

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m always late for everything. Emphasis on the always. If you’re like me and need help being on time to school, these tips are for you.

Tip number one: Plan your outfits the night before. This one is especially important because we all know it takes like an hour just to find something that doesn’t make you look like you just died.

Tip number two: Make yourself a lunch and pack it the night before so that you can grab it and go in the morning. The lunch line is a hassle anyway. This option is not only healthier but also saves you time!

Tip number three: Set multiple alarms. Either use a couple of clocks to set different alarms for the same time, or set multiple alarms for five minutes apart. This ensures that you won’t just hit snooze and keep snoozing. These alarms should annoy you enough to get out of bed. 

Tip number four: If multiple alarms don’t work, put your alarm across the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. I’ve done this before, and it definitely works.

Tip number five: Make sure your bag and anything you might need is ready to go in the same area so you don’t forget anything. It’s the worst when you leave the house and realize you forgot something important.

Tip number six: Make sure you have a reliable ride. Maybe don’t carpool with that friend who’s always late…

Tip number seven: Grab breakfast to go. Eat fruit or a granola bar while you’re getting ready or on the way to school. Drive-thru iced coffee is not worth it!

Tip number eight: Shower the night before. Actually, please just shower in general.

Tip number nine: Have a sibling or someone who you live with wake you up if alarms absolutely fail. If you can’t rely on someone you live with, have a friend call you every morning. If you set their ringtone to be loud and obnoxious, you will wake up and the conversation can get you out of bed.

Tip number ten: Take a lazy day. Throw on some sweats, put your hair in a ponytail, and go to school looking like you rolled out of bed…trust me nobody will judge you. We’re all tired, so we understand.

And if all else fails, you can always climb into bed for the day and call in sick (JK come to school, better late than never).

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