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Seniors reflect on lessons learned from four years of high school sports

Senior Captain Azmi Abdelrahman goes head on with opponent at tournament.

Senior Captain Azmi Abdelrahman goes head on with opponent at tournament.

Senior Captain Azmi Abdelrahman goes head on with opponent at tournament.

Cinthya Salas

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As the school year is coming to an end, so are high school sports for many seniors. Watkins Mill High School teams have been responsible for many students’ best memories, including friendships, academic achievement and the respect of other teams.

At the Mill, all athletes are set for success from their first year as freshmen, which really begins with the coaches. “The coaches here are really, really good, they know what they are doing,” senior cross country and lacrosse player Joseph Clark said.

Sport teams at the Mill help students have a similar exposure to a competitive sports team. Many students, like senior swim team captain Andrea Rodriguez, have found their passion while competing on the school campus.

“Swimming is what I want to do as a profession, and thanks to the swim team at school, I’ve had a chance to learn more while having fun” Rodriguez added

“Doing what you love is important, is the best way to practice and learn your talents,” senior cheerleader Tracey Ackah said.

Dedication to sports has also helped students find big opportunities. Senior Clint Okoli received scholarship money for football. “[Football] was a heck of a journey, but it pushed me to get better grades, which led to a partial scholarship,” Okoli said.

Being part of a team means responsibility and sacrifice. All athletes learn that there is no one left behind. Sports helped “bring up my leadership skills and the want to motivate my team,” senior wrestling, lacrosse and football player Azmi Abdelrahman said.

Not only can leadership and responsibility be gained from sports, but also strong friendships are built through them. “The bonds created at the field are the best ones, you know you can count on them and they become your close friends,” senior soccer player Axel Palma said.

Some relationships even become so strong that “they go from being just teammates to best friends,” Ackah added.

Senior tennis player Na’Ancy Gela is glad she became a team member. “I’m thankful that I was a part of an amazing team, I’m proud to say I’m a Wolverine,” Gela said.  

Throughout the years, Watkins Mill sports has conquered some great achievements, from the soccer team going to regionals semi-finals, to cheerleading getting second place in their county annual competition.

A lot will be missed, but “we seniors can always come and visit and call ourselves Wolverines because once a Wolverine, always a Wolverine,” Ackah said.

2017-2018 Cross Country Team poses before big meet.
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