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The Deal With Eudel ✨

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The Deal With Eudel ✨

Eudel Ndong

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How do I deal with a breakup?

Dealing with a breakup is always hard but you have to remember that as cliché as it sounds, life goes on. Surround yourself with people who will always have your back, eat ice cream with you,  give you a tissue when you ugly cry and will also dust yourself off and return to being the amazing person you are.

It’s okay to be sad sometimes but you can never let it get the best of you.

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨


How do I deal with my grades plummeting?

Okay first, I’m disappointed in you for letting it get this far. You know you can do so much better! If you would’ve done the assignments given to you on time instead of procrastinating and overwhelming yourself you wouldn’t be as worried as you are now to fixed them last minute before interims! But I like you, so I’ll teach you my ways.

First, talk to your teachers! I know they can be hard on you sometimes and Sampselle’s sarcasm doesn’t help the matter, but tell them what’s going on and they will help you! It’s their job! They want to help you succeed!

Second, get a planner! Sit down and make a list of all the things you need to do because when you write down what’s making you so overwhelmed it doesn’t seem as overwhelming anymore, I promise.

Lastly, just GET YOUR SH– I mean stuff together 🙂

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨


How do I deal with toxic friend who always complains to me, but never listens to my advice?

I need you to listen to me carefully and take my advice: 

Cut. Them. Off. 

It’s high school and while I know they might mean a lot to you, if you have come to the  conclusion they are toxic, then that means somewhere deep down you know they aren’t good for you. Life goes on and you’ll meet better friends I promise you. Don’t torture yourself in a friendship that have a negative affect on you, it’s not worth it. 

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨


How do I deal with my friend that thinks she did her makeup well? How do I tell her it’s trash?

First of all, let her down easy. You know she’s way too excited to show off her makeup! Second, pinpoint where the problem is exactly. Is it her blending, contour, wings, eyebrows, or foundation? Once you’ve figured it out, sit down with her and tell her what you think, make it clear that you’re not trying to be a hater or coming for her. You just care and don’t want her looking like a… not to be rude but a clown in school. It’s all love! Plus are you really her friend if you don’t tell her when she looks… busted?

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨


How do I deal with telling my mom I got my bellybutton pierced?

Honestly if you’re in this position you maybe shouldn’t have gotten done in the first place?

But since you’re here now start off by asking her on a regular day how would she react if you wanted to let’s say.. get a piercing? And how she reacts to this question is how she will react to your piercing but good or bad you gotta tell her straight up because that shows how responsible you are. All in all, use that same courage that you had when you got your piercing to tell your parents OR maybe just ask your parents in the first place!

And that’s the Deal With Eudel ✨


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