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How often should I bum? And is it bad that I do so much?

Bumming out is not a negative thing! It’s actually so amazing. Imagine being as comfortable as you are at home… at school. If you want to dress up, do your thing, but if you honestly don’t have the time nor energy to do so bumming out is a great option.

And that’s The Deal With Eudel ✨

How do I stay motivated with senioritis at hand?

I’m probably not one to talk because I’m struggling with the same thing, but advice that I can give is to make sure that you get work done as soon as you get it! Procrastination is where the problem starts, so avoid it at all costs. I know you want to hang out with friends or sleep after school but if you finish your work first, you can then reward yourself by hanging out with your friends, sleeping or watching your favorite movie and it’ll be so worth it.

And that’s The Deal With Eudel ✨

Everyone is sick, how do I stay healthy?

You might as well carry a face mask with you because everyone is sick!! The first few months of school, new germs are moving around so if you do get sick, you’re not going to die. I promise! Just make sure you’re washing your hands constantly, taking vitamins, and STAYING HYDRATED!!!  

And that’s The Deal With Eudel ✨

Do my grades really matter my freshmen and sophomore year ? 

Yes, they do! You’re really going to regret more than anything slacking your freshman and sophomore year because colleges look back on those grades, plus if you slack your first years of high school, how are you gonna keep going your last two years? It’s going to be very difficult so just start your high school career strong and keep going up from there:)

And that’s The Deal With Eudel ✨

Is it bad that I don’t know what I want to study or what I want to be?

I had this same problem! I was terrified of deadlines and not knowing what I wanted to be or wanted to study but believe me when I say it’s okay. Even though you may think you’re running out of time, you have more time than you think. Make sure you go at your own pace because if you rush into it you’re going to end up doing something you don’t actually like and be stuck. If you have any more questions about that make sure you go down to CollegeTracks!

And that’s The Deal With Eudel ✨

If you guys would like to contact me or need anymore advice you can DM me on Twitter or email me: at: [email protected]

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